our heritage

Crosses and religious statues have been staples in the homes of many Filipinos since the Spanish regime, when Catholicism was introduced to the nation. More than just being decorative, these items symbolize the spiritual beliefs of its owners.

The beauty of this practice has been passed on from generation to generation. However, over the years, the aesthetics of design have tremendously evolved. The once intricately designed homes have transformed into minimalist spaces. Contrary to this lifestyle shift, most religious pieces in the market are still of the same design as they were ages ago. Now, it is actually quite challenging to find crosses that would complement the interiors of contemporary homes. For the design enthusiasts, it is either they painstakingly search or they don’t put anything at all. Hence, the birth of THE CARPENTER.

our vision

THE CARPENTER is a faith based concept store for contemporary living. The brand curates modern and artisanal religious pieces, allowing the Filipino of today to perfectly blend tradition and design. Collections are locally crafted, using narra, kamagong, and steel, among many other traditional Filipino crafts. Quality of materials and artisanship are of highest standards.

True to its concept, THE CARPENTER aspires to bring Christ at the center of contemporary living, through pieces that would serve as reminders of the beauty and power of His love. Furthermore, the brand aims to be a testament to the faith of the Filipino people in the modern day.